Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Joey - My Review

It was great, learned a lot during this course, I would recommend it

Hallel - great

good course, good price compared to the competitors

Shaylyn - Shaylyn Enamorado - 👍👍👍

I was expecting it to be a lot harder but it was actually an easy read and very informative

Hector Jose - Facil

Es Muy facil de capturar el mensaje... gracias

Stanford - Stanford-My Review

Very good course good things here to learn.

Mario - Very helpful

I find this course very simple yet effective on teaching

Crystal - Very easy to understand

Very easy to understand it reads perfectly through every step. Definitely recommend!

Carson - Thorough and informative

This course was very thorough and the pop quizzes were great as they helped to cement the important points in our mind.

Le’Eisha - easy and understanding

i was able to understand it and work the system easy

Valeria - helped me a lot

I liked how it had a VoiceOver. I also liked how much information it gave you !!

Joseph - My Review

It was a great course. It was most often easy to understand and had lots of informational videos.

Merilyn - Pretty easy and understandable

I've put doing this off for awhile but this course was honestly affordable, easily operated, and well spoken.

Lazaro Luis - 5 ⭐️

Easy to complete and understand all great work

Chaviany - Chavy- 10/10, Great price

It was easy to complete,very flexible, and great price

Yasmin - Excellent!

It was easy, and the videos really helpful.

Lucas - Lucas Toye - Easy and kept me ngaged

The FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course in my opinion was very professional. I definitely learend a lot more than I already knew prior to taking this course.

Sofia - it was very good

it was good I like the voice so it would read it to you

kaley - new read along audio feature

The read-along audio feature helped me get through the course thoroughly while also being on a time crunch. I also appreciated the convenience of being able to go at my own pace in the comfort of my home and if I needed I could retake the exam until I passed without having to pay $30 every time.

Britney - Really easy to learn!

I loved the automatic reading it really helped me focus!

Scott - Loved it!

As an older driver, I learned more than I thought I would. I read a little faster than  the lady speaks, but I loved her voice.

Ivana - Drug and alcohol course

Definitely recommend this course so much! It explains everything clearly!

Edwin - Drug and Alcohol course

I was really easy to navigate in the course

Cesar - Affordable

Affordable, easy to digest content since it is read to you.

Ethan - Easy & At home is a plus

Good to have audio to read along & not miss key iformation

Parth - Drug and Alcohol Test

Good amount of knowledge gained from this.

Devapriya - TLSAE

Was good and the read-along audio feature was very much helpful.

Xavier - Traffic drug course

This course surely helped clear up some things that were not mentioned before, best course in my opinion

Sujoy - Easy and Informative

The contents of the course are really helpful.


very informative and convenient to be able to save and go back to complete course. Great practice questions.

Lucas - Easy

It was easy to read and keep up with. When it got boring I was able to turn on the read to me portion and make it through.

Jada - Drug and alcohol course

this test was really easy and affordable.

Dominic - Super simple and affordable

I am glad to have taken my courses here. It was affordable and easy to follow. I will definitely recommend this course to others.

Rayhnna - TLSA

this test was very educational and helped me pass

jordynn - TLSAE course

great test and course easy to understand, gives you plenty of time and aids

Dujuanna - Excellent!

This was a very comprehensive and easy to understand course.

Shreya - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

This really helped me understand the rules and laws I should consider when I start driving.

Austin - Drug and alcohol course

No problems worked well. did what is needed to. One of the cheapest ones available.

Micah - Very easy to navigate

The menu and the course was easy to navigate. I just opened my browser, logged in, hit 'my courses', and there it was

Sebastian - Necessary and easy

Driving is a responsibility, this course teaches many good rules and practices for new drivers.

Michael - Very easy to complete

The way the course was set up ad made was very simple and easy to understand.

Zyonnah - Easy & Informative

Very affordable, Good course,very easy to navigate,test is easy if you pay attention.

Jimmy - Drug/Alcohol Driving Test

Its was understandable and helpful and important to me as I continued!

Humberto - Senks

Me sirvió de mucha ayuda, gracias por trabajar de esta manera .

William - TLSAE

Simple to complete and not excessively time-consuming

Luis - Drug and alcohol course

I was very well prepared for both the exam and real life.

Tylar - Ty - Very easy to complete

Was able to relaxingly complete my test

Luna - Drug and Alcohol course Florida

Affordable, informative, easy to use and follow

Jenniffer - TLSAE

Great content, easy to learn and affordable.

Shamira - New Driver

The course was informative and adequate. It also makes sure you passes the test at the end.

Claritha - Highly Recommended

It helps you to keep you on track using some quiz throughout the the learning. That was wonderful because you can test your knowledge before you jump to the Final Exam questions.

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