Product reviews for California Drivers Ed Online

Justin - Online Permit Course

It was great and made it easy to get my certificate.

Kieran - Great Driver's Ed Instruction

This program was engaging and I liked the percent bar across the top, it was very motivational. also, the ability to take practice tests is a great feature.

Richard - California Drivers Ed

I have been driving, for a long time.  I needed a review  course. This course was very useful.

Cristian - Course Review

I really enjoyed it and it helped me learn a lot.

Judith - It was awesome!

Really quick and packed with information. Loved it.

Diego - Diego- Very good

Good way to start learning the rules of the road.

Michael - driver's ed course

I found that the course really informative and that the test was well rounded

Tyler - Great

It helped me a lot to learn how to drive. It gave me all what I need to pass the dmv test.

Izzeldeen - National Highway Safety Administration

I really enjoyed the process of completing my drivers ed thanks to this website. I liked how there were questions to test your knowledge which in turn helped you in passing the final exam. Thank you very much.

Dani - it was good

it was good and informational course.

Daniel - Very Nice Class

Class was very easy to learn from and understand. Easy to navigate and their menus are not complicated proving to you that they are the real deal

Sophia - So Helpful

This program helped my family, friends, and myself pass their driver's tests!

Brittney - Drivers ed course

The course itself was really easy. Some questions are worded weird to try and get you to click the wrong answer so make sure you read it thoroughly. And as long as you have the persistence to keep working on this you'll be able to get it done in 1- 2 days.

Masami - Masami

It was very informational and helpful!

Kate - great course

easy with the read along and was able to do the course whenever i wanted

Anna - Very Nice

This course is very simple and helpful.

Elizabeth - Claire- good coarse

good to learn about permit and very informational.

Caitlin - This course was amazing.

This drivers course was perfectly organized and well thought-out. It was constructed in a way to ensure all students taking the course to properly absorb the information and had little tests and quizes to test their memory and make sure they were paying attention. This was helpful as well as the option to listen to the audio version.

Genesis - Nice

I liked how it was at my own pace and I think it really helped :D

Hanna - Drivers Ed was chefs kiss

This course was great and honestly really easy.

Ria - Great Course!

Super helpful, very simple and understandable.

Maddyson - My experience.

The experience made me completely speechless. The NHSA is the way to go when you need to learn the safety of the roadways.

Brennan - Great!

There was lots of great information in this course, and it was very helpful to me as a beginner.

Faith - Easy to Complete

As someone who struggles with completing things in a timely matter, this course made it easy for me to get through the class relatively quickly. It tracks your progress and lets you know how much slides you have left, which I found helpfull.

Zain - Good

It was fast easy and it has a good way of teaching you

Seeri - Very fun course

This course was really helpful and easy to understand!

Colin - Great course

This took a little of time but is definitely worth it at the end of the day. Learned alot.

Elias - Elias - Drivers Ed

Great and easy course to learn, well said information. Questions and text were simple but got straight to the point.

Imelda - Great Course

Its super easy and fast to do. Excellent inforamation.

Kevin - Drivers ed

Great course, and I feel confident that I will be able to drive safely

Jennifer - Rachel-Really Good

It was worth the money and good because the information is given in simple terms and you can go back an re-read the course at any time.

Michelle - Good

This really helped me learn I liked it

Maya - Inclusive Excellence

I recently completed the National Highway Safety Administration's driver's ed course, and I must say, it's been an incredibly positive experience. As someone with ADHD and Dyslexia, the course's text-to-speech feature was a game-changer for me. It transformed the content into a format that I could easily grasp, allowing me to absorb information more effectively.

What truly set this course apart was the absence of a time limit. Without the pressure of a ticking clock, I could learn at my own pace, ensuring I truly understood each concept before moving on. The graphics provided visual clarity, enhancing my understanding of complex topics.

Though the course was fantastic, there's room for improvement. An offline option would be invaluable, giving learners the flexibility to complete the course anywhere and at any time. Overall, the NHA's driver's ed course exceeded my expectations by being disability-friendly, informative, and accommodating to diverse learning needs.

Simone - Great Course!

It was really nice. I was able to do everything at my own pace. And it helped me a lot.

Ryan - Great Course

Took this as a refresher after an accident.  Covers all the essential info!

Isabelle - Driver's ed

This really helped me become more familiar with the road and what I could do to be a safe driver

Roenn - Drivers ed

Easy to navigate and clear instructions.

Jesus - Jesus- Driver's ed review

It shows me a lot of stuff I didn't know of the driving world and there will be consequences if I fail following the laws. But overall, it is a good course for teens and is easy to understand and follow through each module.

Anita - Great

I learned so much interesting and important information from this course. It was easy to follow along with and I am glad that I chose this course.

Izzi - Izzi- Driving course

I enjoyed taking the course it was good, very educational.

Yahilynn - Excellent

I loved this course and would highly recommend it!

Macey - Driver Training Review

I enjoyed this and felt it benefitted me on what more I need to know on driving. I feel more prepared for the test now.

Arshvir - Driver Review Training

This course is really easy to follow and great for anyone out there who is trying to learn how to drive. I recommend trying it out.

Hannah - Great Program

I liked this program because it allowed me to move ahead when I knew the material already. Is was clear and interesting.

Daniela - Amazing

i learned a lot and im 100% i will pass my permit test the first time

Emma - Drivers ed

Great course! very informative and informational

Isabella - awesome course

it was a great course to learn about driving. I like you can do it on your on time and it reads out loud to you.

Noah - Noah-Driver's Ed

I liked how I was able to work on it on my own time and at my own pace.

Elijah - Thoughts

I enjoyed the course and the simplicity of the questions and text.

Leslie - Drivers Ed

This course was thorough and really good.

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